Embracing the Season

Once upon a time, June was the most coveted wedding month. Bride Wars with Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway accurately illustrated this concept as their friendship tottered through a battle to host the more perfect June wedding. One of the reasons June was so desirable was because of the array of gorgeous wedding flowers readily available at that time of year. Now, with the shrinking world and the growing industry, coveted blooms like peonies can be shipped from Alaska in August or from South America in February! This is a wonderful development as it gives a creative wedding florist like myself the ability to design beautiful, dynamic pieces for a wedding on any given month.

Does season even matter anymore? Well, I would argue, yes.

Although I’ve had some incredible Coral Charm Peonies in December, a flower always performs best for an event when it traveled only a short distance and grew during its proper season. Additionally, one of the ways your wedding will look and feel cohesive and purposeful is if you embrace the season you are in. Considering giving your florist the freedom to design with flowers that are at their best at the date of your wedding. Rather than forcing a summer vibe onto your December wedding guests who will be wearing closed toe shoes and long sleeves, consider choosing a summer date so that you can use those bouncy wildflowers you love so much rather than forcing a spray of roses to look like a cluster of airy Cosmos. Instead of doing a greenery wedding in April, embrace the array of early spring blooms that define that time of year and leave the greenery for a summer or winter wedding.

Remember, ultimately, it’s YOUR day, so if you want evergreen garland in July because it reminds you and your love of the forest you took your first hike together through, then convey that to your florist! Ultimately, we are here to serve you and to make your flower dreams come true.

Winter wedding bridal bouquet

Above: Winter wedding bridal bouquet

Spring Wedding Bridal Bouquet

Above: Spring wedding bridal bouquet

Photographers include Kartsie Photography, Kristin Sweeting Photography, Cottonwood Road Photography, A Little Long Distance, and Billi Cate Photography.


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Flowers are both the culmination and the unification of all of the other wedding elements. A beautiful, purposeful arrangement declares, "this is beauty; this is the joy that was always intended." 

With a desire to serve each couple well and a passion for unbridled creativity, Emily limits the number of clients she takes each year. This allows her to enjoy the design process for each wedding while also affording time to carry out her own creative visions for the pure joy of creating something beautiful out of nothing. Many of these ideas and visions are shared on the blog to inspire others.

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