Five Points to Consider Before Changing Your Wedding

Should I reschedule my upcoming wedding?!

Sadly, there is not a straightforward answer to this question. It’s a difficult decision that only you can make. My heart goes out to all of the couples who, in addition to trying to keep their graceful calm through the already complicated wedding planning process, now have to decide whether or not they should continue as planned with their May or June wedding. In most places, the shelter at home order is in effect until the end of April. But after April, what then?

Below are a few helpful points to consider as you make your decision.

    We simply do not know what will happen in the next few weeks. Experts are looking at the facts and trends of the virus from around the world, but even as it spreads among United States citizens, factors (e.g. weather) are always changing. Who really knows? and that is the trouble. That’s why you need to resolve to commit to either #2 or #3. Read on…

    The earlier you decide to rescheduled, the easier it will be to find a new date with your venue and vendors. But why wait to get married? This is an unprecedented time so friends and extended family will understand your decision to get married in a field outside of town with only your immediate family as witnesses. The wedding reception is perhaps the most incredible party you will ever have—everyone you love gathering together on the same day to party with you. Why cancel it and lose all of your deposits when so many kind venues and vendors are letting you reschedule?

    If you are unwilling to reschedule now and would rather wait it out, you need to come up with a Plan B. It needs to be a Plan B that you are resolved to feel good about, just in case you have to cancel the reception very last minute. You may lose more money and miss the opportunity to book a better fall or winter date, but if everything clears up in time, wouldn’t it be amazing to have the wedding you’ve been planning for?!

    Communication is key. If you have chosen good vendors, then they will be eager to work with you regardless of how you decide to proceed. Be sure to communicate with them as you begin weighing your options and making your decisions. There is nothing they can do for you if you keep them in the dark. We are not piles of stones with inanimate business signs. We are people too, which brings be to my last point:

    We are all making changes, holding on to what we need, letting go of what we can live without. This pandemic, this strange season, will come to an end. When it does, I will not regret any of the occasions in which I was able to give an extra measure of kindness and grace. We have all lost something and are trying to understand how to continue moving forward.

With love and hope,


Images by Abigail Lewis Photography and peonies provided by Alaska Peony Cooperative


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