Our aim is to work closely with your planner in order to design and deliver floral arrangements, installations, bouquets, and other floral details that flatter the location and reflect your relationship. Our love of detail and originality means that we carefully consider all aspects of the wedding in order to create the best series of designs for you.
Our clients enjoy meaningful celebrations at private or remote US destinations. They understand that floral design plays a critical role in creating an atmosphere of wonder and beauty. 

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The Commitment


Our specialty is designing for couples hosting events with 150 guests or less. We enjoy the level of detail and personalization that goes into these weddings which may take place at unusual locations or private estates.

Designing for 150
or less

Intimate Events


Paris was the first city Emily lived in outside of the United States. Before Emily Kaye Floral Atelier, Emily spent five years collectively living and traveling abroad in countries like France, Germany, and Singapore. Her experience with art, language and floristry in these countries makes her uniquely equipped to serve clients with destination weddings.

la ville lumière


In her own words

"When you view your reception for the first time, I want you to be overwhelmed—not with the flowers themselves, but with the unworldly beauty of the atmosphere they help to create"