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Emily works closely with each client in order to create original floral designs that express the desired ambience and flatter the unique nuances of the location. Flowers are a vital part of cultivating the beautiful atmosphere that each wedding deserves.

The most important design element of an event is the flowers. Not only do the floral designs unify the texture and color choices of the other wedding elements, they complete the feeling that the couple intend for their guests to experience.

Emily Kaye 
Floral Atelier


"she's so brilliant"

"I highly recommend using Emily. She's extremely talented, her floral designs go beyond your standard floral work, and she's SO brilliant. Plus - she is so very helpful, insightful, and full of knowledge about the work that she does."

Abigail, Bride

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Whether gathering with your family and lifelong friends at a remote family estate for a weekend of private dining and late night music, or traveling with an intimate party to a stunning chateau in Provence, the flowers remain an important part of the wedding experience.  

Because the flowers are both the culmination and the unification of all other wedding elements, it is important to to find an artist like Emily who obsesses over the details and delights in the flowers that declare, "this is beauty; this is the joy that was intended."

Intentional      curation


"better than imagined"

"Despite knowing that she knew what I wanted and trusting her artistic vision, I was blown away by my bridal and bridesmaids bouquets! They were even better than anything I had imagined. The flowers were one of the things that MADE my wedding and one of the best investments I made."

Lauren, Bride