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Emily Phillips

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Emily is the artist who founded Emily Kaye Floral Atelier out of a love for natural beauty and a passion for intentional design. She sees every wedding as a blank canvas and chooses flowers, colors, and textures based on the abundance of the season, the nuances of the venue space, and the history of the couple. 

Emily brings a unique set of skills to the wedding flower industry that combines a creative eye with a meditative mind. She works well with clients who want to create an unparalleled experience and who recognize flowers as an important part of cultivating a beautiful atmosphere.


Emily discovered the importance of place when she relocated from Dallas TX to Paris, France to further her study in art. There, she became fascinated with the idea that nothing defines your person more than the relationships you foster and the places that you live in. 
Several years later, Emily found floristry while working for a fine art gallery in Singapore. Although she had always enjoyed both painting and 3D art, she found designing with flowers to be the perfect marriage of these two genres and fell in love immediately with flowers as an artistic medium— an ever evolving art form of beautiful discovery.

In the words of others

Lauren, bride

"Despite knowing that she knew what I wanted and trusting her artistic vision, I was blown away by my bridal and bridesmaids bouquets! They were even better than anything I had imagined. The flowers were one of the things that MADE my wedding and one of the best investments I made."

Better than imagined

Heather, bride

"Emily created our wedding florals and they were one of my favorite parts of the day. They were absolutely beautiful and transformed our venue into the warmest, most ambient space. She spent so much time creating designs that reflect exactly what we wanted. She is wonderful to work with and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone."

absolutely beautiful

Abigail, bride

"I highly recommend using Emily for all of your floral needs. She's extremely talented, her floral designs go beyond your standard floral work, and she's SO brilliant. Plus - she is so very helpful, insightful, and full of knowledge about the work that she does."

beyond your standard


"I so appreciate Emily's dedication to our project. From the incredible attention to detail and spot on communication the whole process was effortless and fun. It was such a pleasure and the results are proof of a true professional with an incredible talent."

Incredible attention
to detail

Connie, mother of the bride

"Emily created the most beautiful floral arrangements for our daughter’s wedding. The gorgeous backdrop for the ceremony was amazing and creative. I highly recommend her work, both for the beauty and exquisite quality AND for her loving and kind heart. It was the perfect match for our family’s wedding needs."